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I ranked every song in the Beetlejuice Cast Album

July 1, 2019


Cast album, cast album, cast album.


Beetlejuice the Musical’s cast album has arrived, and its abundance of spooky bops surprised me. I haven’t seen the movie or the show, so here’s my unbiased opinion on the musical’s score composed by Eddie Perfect.


     1. “Say My Name”

This song is practically Lydia’s lyrical dance around Beetlejuice. One of my favorite things about this cast album is the amount of eclectic melodies that are woven into each song, and “Say My Name” is the epitome of this. I’ve listened to it 987,432 times.


    2. “Dead Mom”

Sophia Anne Caruso, who plays Lydia in the show, has the vocal tenacity of Hayley Williams and a unique tone that matches this song so well. I can’t wait to play this for all of my friends in the car without any context.


    3. “No Reason”

This song reminds me of something Alan Menken would write for a Disney princess’ sidekick. It’s fun, it’s bubbly, it’s that friend you have who identifies as “quirky.” Leslie Kritzer’s voice is glitter.


    4. “The Whole ‘Being Dead’ Thing” and “The Whole ‘Being Dead’ Thing, Pt. 2”

Alex Brightman, who plays Beetlejuice, sounds like the vocal equivalent of sandpaper in the best way possible. The fourth wall is completely demolished in this song, and I am absolutely here for it.


    5. “Ready Set, Not Yet” and “Ready Set – Reprise”

If your young, friendly neighbors with two kids, one golden retriever and a trampoline in the backyard had a theme song, it’d share the same melody as these two. Kerry Butler and Rob McClure, who play the Maitlands, are hilarious and they… rap(?)


    6. “Fright of Their Lives” and “That Beautiful Sound”

Once you get past the first couple of muted screeches in “That Beautiful Sound,” it’s all uphill from there. “Fright of Their Lives” is a roast session that sounds great (especially Brightman’s riff at 2:54).


    7. “What I Know Now” and “Girl Scout”

These were just unexpected and fun.


    8. “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) – Act 1 Finale”

As I mentioned before, I haven’t seen the Beetlejuice movie, but this Harry Belafonte song is a classic, and honestly, it’s fun to listen to, too.


    9. “Prologue: Invisible” and “Invisible (Reprise) / On the Roof”

These songs were super informational, in a creative way, for someone like me who has had minimal exposure to the show’s plotline. The prologue gives fitting introductions for both Beetlejuice and Lydia.


  10. “Barbara 2.0” and “Home”

I would describe “Barbara  2.0” as: Your friendly neighbors are back, and their trading in their trampoline for everything inside of their local Spencer’s. “Home” sounds like a song I’d set my alarm to in 2010.


  11. “Jump in the Line” and “Creepy Old Guy”

“Jump the Line” seems like the perfect song to end the show on. “Creepy Old Guy” is… interesting.




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