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How to send fan mail to Broadway actors

September 28, 2018

I know you want to tell that Broadway star how much you’ve admired them since you saw their first appearance on a national tour.


I know you want to tell that actor who looks like you how great it feels to be represented on stage.


I know you want to ask your favorite actress for advice on pursuing a career in theatre.


And you can. Here’s my guide to sending mail to theatre actors:



1. Find out where you're sending your mail to


Usually, if the person you are writing to is in a show, you can send it to the address of the theatre. (For example, if you want to mail Christy Altomare, the letter should be addressed to Christy Altomare at the Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036.) If the person you are writing to isn’t in a show, you can check their website for an address to send mail to. Sometimes, the actor will have you send mail to his/her talent agency, and the agency will forward it to them.



2. Write


You never know how much your words mean to the people you admire most. Write from your heart!



3. Include a return envelope


Most actors won’t send mail back unless you include a return envelope. On your return envelope, make sure to write your name and address in the middle of the envelope, and place a stamp on the top right corner. I usually leave a blank card in my return envelope, so the actor has stationary to write on. (There’s no need to put a sender’s address on your return envelope.) Slide your return envelope in the envelope that contains your letter. Sometimes it can be hard to squeeze one envelope into the other if they’re the same size, but it works!


 4. Seal and send


Now it's time to send off your mail and hope it doesn't get lost. Drop it in your mailbox and wait for your response. Not all actors will write you back, but a lot of them do. Because they’re busy, responses can sometimes take months. (This also varies by how close you live to where the sender is.) I tend to forget about the mail I send until months later, and when I get responses, it’s a surprise that makes my day.


(This process can be done with packages, too. National tours sometimes also have addresses to send mail to. Happy fan mailing!)


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